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What is a Jade Roller and why do you need the BTR Jade Roller in your skincare routine?

What is a Jade Roller and why do you need the BTR Jade Roller in your skincare routine?

Posted by Beyond The Rack on 2021 Feb 16th

The skincare industry is always on the hunt and searches for new ingredients and tools that will work in achieving and providing better skin results. The demands on the market and of the consumers grow all the time and these industries are expected to always find suitable solutions. However, each of us has a different type of skin, and not all the same products and tools work well and provide the same results for everyone.

The skincare trends are constantly changing, and the latest entry that has made quite a boom in this department is the jade roller. This interesting skincare tool is very popular among celebrities and its effectiveness has proven to deliver amazing results on the skin. So, for all of you who do not have any idea how the jade roller works and what its benefits are, here is everything I know and why the BTR jade roller is the right jade roller you need for your skincare routine.

Jade Roller

What is jade roller and jade rolling?

The jade roller is a handheld beauty tool that is made of jade or other stones. It is used in the process of massaging the face also known as jade rolling. The practice and the use of the jade roller come from the benefits that this polished stone applies to the skin when it is pressured towards it.

The jade rolling and the jade roller have been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine that dates back to the seventh century. The gemstone, which comes as the centerpiece and the thing that does all the work, was used back then to draw out the negative energy and balance one's "chi". Because it was naturally cool and smooth, the jade was used by the Chinese royalty so that they would retain good spirits. Today, many types of research prove that jade rolling has some interesting benefits to the skin.

Today, this beauty and skincare tool is very popular and used by cosmetologists, dermatologists, and all other types of skincare practitioners. Women of all ages love it and use it constantly, because of the benefits it provides to the skin as well as the instant improvement on the look on the face.

What are the benefits of jade rolling and using a jade roller?

As seen in Chinese medicine, the jade roller is an easy tool that works for a better look of the skin. It comes as a massage on the face, which stimulates blood circulation. Just like through the rest of our body, proper and good circulation is very important for the functioning of different organs, as well as the look of the skin. These are the biggest benefits that the jade roller delivers to the skin:

Increased circulation

By massaging the face, the circulation of the blood flow increases, resulting in healthy-flushed skin. This is visible after a few weeks of jade rolling. Also, the increased circulation has many anti-aging properties, make the face look less stressful and the entire skin look rested and fresh.

Lymphatic drainage and reduced puffiness

The jade roller can help with draining the extra fluid that collects around the eyes and cheeks. Lymphatic fluid is the waste that is coming out of the lymph nodes and it needs to go back to the circular system. That is where the roller helps – it provides a very helpful massage! The jade rolling massage reduces puffiness, and it works even better if the jade roller is chilled.

Clears stuffy sinuses

The stuffy and the feeling of stuffy sinuses is an uncomfortable and annoying issue. The use of the jade roller has been shown to improve this condition. It can help in clearing and reliving the sinuses of any pain that is connected to the nasal congestion.

Helps in the application of skincare products

Effective skin care products work best if they are properly absorbed into the skin. The jade roller helps with that in the way it allows the product to better absorb with the massage it comes from it. It keeps the active ingredients and lets them better and deeper absorb into the skin.

Jade Roller

Relieves facial tension

Our face has over 40 different facial muscles. Their constant stretching can lead to the appearance of fine lines. The jade roller help relax those muscles, which will result in reducing the risk of further appearance of the fine lines and a smoother and youthful look.

Why do you need the BTR jade roller?

The BTR jade roller and Gua Sha facial massage set are the perfect choices for those who are looking to add some improvements in the look of their skin, as well as upgrade their skincare routine. The BTR jade roller is the perfect option for giving your skin the much-needed massage. The roller itself comes with jade stones detached on both sides of the handle, in different sizes, each suitable for a different part of the face. The jade roller is available in two different colors, as well as in a set that is excellent for deep and enjoyable face massage. The Gua Sha is a similar but different technique used also Chinese medicine, but this type of stone and massage delivers a more sculpted look.

Both the jade roller and the Gua Sha facial massage set are an excellent addition to the skincare routine, and they also make a wonderful gift. With the use of the BTR jade roller, you will instantly feel the benefits of this amazing product on the skin. The face will feel more relaxed and plumped and the skin will look radiant and rejuvenated.

Jade rolling and the Gua Sha Massage set are a good first step for anyone interested in natural skincare and looking to make a visible difference in the look of their face. 

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