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How to stretch too tight jeans for a perfect fit

Posted by Beyond The Rack on 2021 Aug 18th

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Learn How to Stretch out Your New Jeans so It Fits Like a Glove!

Jeans are probably the most popular clothing item in the world. They are a part of practically everyone’s wardrobe in many different styles and brands. You might have a favorite pair yourself that you treasure, keep in a special place in your closet, and always feel fantastic when you wear them. Pulling them on is like putting on a cherished old friend. Comfortable, with a fit that’s just right. So, what about jeans that are new? Sometimes they don’t feel just right.

Jeans tend to stretch out over time and wear, so a new pair can feel a little tight and restrictive. Don’t worry though, there are ways to stretch out your new jeans so that it fits like a glove. Beyond the Rack (BTR) sells a variety of amazing jeans to add to your collection. Whether you like a straight leg, boot cut, skinny fit, or colored denim, jeans just get better with age, so having quite a few pairs on hand is the way to go because they last a long time. Let’s look at how to stretch out jeans so that your very tight pants fit so much better.

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The Materials Jeans Are Made With

The reason that jeans feel like too tight pants when you first buy them is that the material is going to relax and stretch over time. Most denim jeans are made with 100 percent cotton, which is why they stretch out over time. Or at least most jeans originally were all cotton. Now spandex and other stretchy materials are added sometimes to help improve the wear and feel, so jeans too tight, feel just right.

Denim jeans have been around for a long time now since the middle of the 19th century. Levi Strauss originally made them as work pants for miners around 1850. They are still made in much of the same way today with very little change to the design. Decade by decade, the demand and popularity of jeans only increased. The fit and cut of denim has expanded to so many options. Today, it’s estimated that 2 billion pairs of jeans are sold each year worldwide. That’s a whopping 60 pairs per second! Think about it. Do you know anyone that doesn’t own a pair of jeans? Probably not. Jeans are just that popular.

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The Quick Method: Stretch and Squat

If jeans too tight around your thighs are a problem, this quick method may help. Once you put them on, it’s time to stretch and squat. Stretch out denim the right way and soon it will feel like all of your regular jeans. This will physically stretch out your jeans so that they instantly feel looser and more comfortable. You want to stretch and squat, bending up and down, quite a few times to loosen them up. This will not only stretch out jean’s waist, but the thigh and backside areas, as well.

The Water Method

Another way to quickly stretch out your jeans is by misting them with water. Fill up a spray bottle with warm water, then spray the front and back. Next, stretch and pull out the fabric on all parts of your jeans. Put them on when they are still damp and wear them to maximize the stretch. That’s a great way to break them in. Don’t worry, once they are on the body, your own body heat with dry them rather quickly.

The Heat Method

The heat method will work to quickly loosen up your jeans. Take a blow dryer and put it on a low setting. Run the heat of the blow dryer all over the jeans on both sides. Then just stretch each part out with your hands while they are still warm. The heat helps the cotton fibers to relax and expand. You’ll be able to slip them on with a roomy feel that’s more like how they’ll fit once they are broken in for you.

The Foam Roller Method

Another way to stretch out your jeans, especially in the thigh area, is with a foam roller. You can do this with either the water or heat method first. Use a water spray, or blow dryer heat, it’s your choice. Then just insert a foam roller in the thighs of the jeans for at least 10 minutes. Then repeat the process with the other leg. You can do this on the calf part of the jeans, as well, if that area seems too tight.

Perfect Fitting Jeans Can Be Yours

BTR wants to make sure you love all the jeans you buy from us. That’s why we offer such an extensive collection of denim jean styles you’ll fall in love with. The perfect pair is just waiting for you to own! Plus, now you know how to stretch them out so they will fit you like a glove.

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