Nothing says extreme comfort like a HUSH weighted blanket. Trust us when we say if you have not cuddled up in one, you’re missing out. Not only do they offer extreme comfort, but weighted blankets have key benefits for your mental health. Let us breakdown both the benefits of using a HUSH weighted blanket, as well as explore the consequences of inadequate sleep – let’s be real, nobody wants a bad sleep!

B E N E F I T S of a weighted blanket


Sleeping with a HUSH weighted blanket will have you falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer – THIS IS KEY! You will wake up feeling refreshed with enough energy to get you through your busy day. HUSH blankets are also useful for helping people who deal with insomnia (we’ve all been there) and / or sensory processing disorders.


Dealing with your mental health is important and should not be ignored. HUSH has leveraged deep ­touch pressure stimulation in the design of its blankets in order to decrease cortisol (stress hormones), increase serotonin (happiness hormones) and increase melatonin (sleep hormones). All essential for a healthy and happy life.


HUSH blankets are made with a removable cover that can be placed in any washing machine, making it easy to clean! Also, the design of the blanket causes the weight not to move around, making it evenly distributed. It is sewn into small pockets ensuring steady placement at all times! You’ll be completely covered, literally.

C O N S E N Q U E N C E S of inadequate sleep

Raise your hand if you’ve suffered from insomnia? If you’ve tossed and turned in bed all night, unable to sleep for longer than one hour. The struggle is real. Here are the consequences of inadequate sleep.


Our immune systems work wonder at night. Sleeping gives them the time to fight off any potential threats! Considering the COVIS 19 pandemic we are currently experiencing; good sleep is more important now than ever.


While sleeping, our brain takes information for our days and encodes it into our long-term memory. A good night’s sleep will improve your ability to focus and concentrate the following day.


With good sleep, we are able to better recognize social cues which in effect lead to more positive social interactions. Also, lack of good sleep can lead to an unhealthy heart, poor mental health, increased inflammation and weight gain.

All in all, sleeping is crucial in living and having a healthy and balanced life. Therefore, why not make sure it happens, on the daily, with a HUSH weighted blanket. It is the gift, that will just keep giving!

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