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​8 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

​8 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products in Your Home

Posted by Beyond The Rack on 2021 Jan 19th

Have you ever thought of how you can make the world a better place for yourself and others? Well, the simple answer is to be eco-friendly.

The planet earth is currently plagued with many 'preventable' environmental issues like climate change, global warming, and the ozone layer's depletion. The implication of this is that it affects both humans and animals.

Being environmentally friendly starts with what you use in cleaning your homes. Unfortunately, most people don't know the right products to use in cleaning their homes.

In this write-up, we will explain what it means to be environmentally conscious. You will also be armed with the benefits that come with using ecologically friendly products. And lastly, we will recommend some excellent, environmentally-friendly products with outstanding performance.

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

It is saddening that the word 'eco-friendly' has been bastardized; you see the name inscribed on almost any product. Hence, you need to know the actual meaning.

Being eco-friendly means that you are conscious of your environment. It involves you being mindful of your activities and the product that you use in cleaning. You need to know that it takes more turning off the light in a dark room to be eco-friendly. Instead, it involves you being focused on making your environment better. And this is dependent on your day to day activities.

When is a product said to be eco-friendly?

Most companies claim that their products are environmentally friendly. An eco-friendly product should help preserve green living by not contributing to water or land pollution.

According to FTC green guide, any product that claims to be environmentally friendly must state its label and how it intends to bring about this. Before you buy any product, ensure that trusted bodies ascertain its eco-friendliness. Some of the top regulatory bodies include the USDA organic, USDA bio-based, FSC, Eco-Cert, and others.

Whenever you plan on washing your dish or cleaning your toilet, do have 'sustainability' and 'preservation' at the back of your mind. With this, you will be doing a lot of medical good while also preserving the earth.

Currently, in the market, there are millions of products disguised as being environmentally friendly. Therefore, you must check out for some things before picking that product. Please, don't be deceived by the eco-friendly or green tag on the product's body.

Here are some important things to watch out for when next you go shopping:

Opt for cleaners that contain plant-based materials:

Most ingredients obtained from plants are safe for your health and that of your environment. One good thing about products with plant-based materials is that they are biodegradable, non-toxic, and natural. To know if the material on your cleaner is safe, you can check if the ingredients are in line with what EPA has recommended. In response to this, BTR has several cleaning products like the All-Purpose Cleaner, which is in tune with the EPA recommendation. The product contains ingredients obtained from plants and naturals oils to give you a pleasant cleaning experience.

Go for concentrated cleaner

It would be best to go for environmentally friendly products that can be diluted without the cleaner losing its efficiency. With this, you can use the product for a long time, thereby saving you from unnecessary wastage. For instance, you can dilute our dishwashing liquid with some water without losing its dish cleaning prowess.

The product must be free of dangerous ingredients

An environmentally friendly product should not contain dangerous chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, phosphate, parabens, and the likes. Chlorofluorocarbons are popularly known to have a hazardous effect on the ozone layer; it depletes it.

Therefore, the more the depletion of the ozone layer, the higher the earth's temperature. And this could lead to skin burning, skin cancer, and other unwanted occurrences.

Fortunately for you, you can never find a product on the BTR rack with any of these dangerous chemicals. You can easily see this on the product label.


Producing an eco-friendly product can often be challenging. It is very strenuous and tasking to get the required materials and technology to achieve this goal. This has resulted in high production costs, thereby increasing the prices of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Despite this, BTR has several eco-friendly products that are pocket friendly. They are affordable yet performance-oriented.

Now that you know what and what you should be on the look for before picking a product deemed eco-friendly. It is only fair that you know the benefits that come with being environmentally conscious.

Below are some benefits of using eco-friendly products:

1. Prevention from health-related hazards

Ironically, people use their money to buy products that will impact their health negatively. Most of these traditional home cleaning products contain substances or ingredients dangerous to one's health and body. These substances result in unwanted or unexpected diseases, including allergies, skin issues, cancer, and other illnesses.

Using an environmentally friendly product like Green Organic Multi-surface cleaner to clean your floors or walls will shield you from developing health issues. The materials/ ingredients were carefully sorted from mother nature. This means that you can never experience any skin or other allergy issues while using the product.

One danger that comes with not using an eco-friendly cleaning product is that you risk acquiring food poisoning. This is because most traditional cleaning products come with packaging that leach from the container into the product. From there, they unsuspectingly get into your plates while washing. To avoid food poisoning, you must go for environment -friendly cleaning products.

Research has also shown that families or households that use commercial cleaning spray are at risk of contracting respiratory issues like asthma. For someone who has asthma, we will recommend that you visit BTR; we have arrays of cleaning products that will never trigger an asthmatic attack.

2. It helps you save a lot of money in the long run

Which do you prefer: a cheap product that finishes on time or the one that is affordable and can also last for a considerable time? Any sane person will love to go for the latter. Since there is a correlation between results and saving of money, you can get environmentally friendly products with outstanding results, yet at an affordable price.

For instance, BTR has several eco-friendly products that are pocket friendly. One of our cleaners, code-named the Glass cleaner, goes for less than $5. Despite being so affordable, the product has an enormous capacity of 500ml, which makes it suitable for a family of 3.

Also, the dishwashing liquid only requires half the amount of water needed for regular dishwashing. Per cycle, the cleaning product uses less than 3.2 gallons of water, saving you a few dollars that could have been spent on the water bill.

3. It makes life more versatile and simple

It is no news that we are getting busier by the day. Therefore, there is a need for cleaning products that can make our lives easier while also cleaning our surroundings effectively.

Switching to an eco-friendly or sustainable kind of lifestyle may be challenging at first. But once you master the act, everything seems to look simple and practical. As said above, the eco-friendly product lasts longer, saving you more time while also reducing your frequent visit to the store. To describe the versatility of environmentally friendly products, imagine you being able to wash and clean your bathroom, wood, sink, water closet, and almost anything with just a single cleaner like just Green Organic All-Purpose Cleaner Spray.

4. Green products make our planet safer

Green products make our planet earth safer. They do this by protecting the ozone layer, reducing global warming, or any form of an increase in the earth's temperature. Environmental conscious products also make the planet better by providing you with excellent air quality. For instance, the Multi-Surface Cleaner and dishwashing liquid do not contain chlorofluorocarbons that deplete the ozone layer. Instead, they contain natural oils that give a refreshing smell and good air quality to your home. It is common knowledge that plants emit oxygen. You can find several plant-based, environmentally friendly products on the BTR site. With this, you are sure of getting premium and undiluted oxygen in your home or office.

Furthermore, most commercial cleaning products come with plastics or containers that cannot be recycled or re-used. This has led to several pollution issues; in fact, statistics report that plastics account for the highest amount of waste dumped into the ocean yearly!

All these non-biodegradable plastics implies that they emit toxic gases to plants and animals. To solve these issues, the BTR has played its part by not adding to the pollution issue. Instead, you will find several products on the site that come with re-usable containers and can quickly decompose.

5. They lessen risks and are also skin-friendly

Commercial cleaning agents are known to be harmful and not safe. The reason for this is due to the high amount of dangerous chemicals that are not bodily-friendly. Most of these commercial cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals like alkylphenol ethoxylate. This substance disrupts the hormones, thereby causing kidney related problems. When you invest in just clean green products, you lessen the odds of this happening.

Also, whenever you want to use a commercial cleaning agent, you need to use a hand glove or mask to shield yourself from skin allergies. But with Green Organic All-Purpose Cleaner Spray or dishwashing liquid, you don't need to worry about skin allergies as the ingredients are skin-friendly. In summary, these environment-friendly products reduce the chances of all these unwanted health issues from happening.

6. Green products do not contribute to drug-resistance

Naturally, the skin has a microbial flora that contributes to the skin's health. You need to know that there is no proof that antibacterial soaps work better than non-antiseptic soaps. They contribute to drug resistance by killing the useful micro-organism on the skin. This might render medications inactive or increase treatment cost, but anti-microbial resistance can never happen with environment-conscious cleaning products.

7. It is the best for households with children

We all know how children can be playful and careless with things. Hence it is essential to keep these commercial cleaning agents away from children. Medically, children's immune systems are still growing; this makes them susceptible to many diseases if exposed to these cleaning agents. However, your children can even help you with dishwashing or cleaning of window panes with our dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner.

These green products do not eat into their skin; neither do they trigger an allergy. Therefore, they are the safest cleaning agents for a household with children.

8. They improve business productivity

In the hospitality world, there is a massive demand for more cleaning agents than any other sector. Apparently, the hotel needs to be clean and also attractive. Also, the hotel can't afford to use commercial cleaning agents due to some reasons. One, these cleaning agents could put the health of their customers at risk. Also, due to these chemicals' raging effect, it could damage their furniture and other valuable equipment. But these can never happen with environmentally friendly products.

Using products like dishwashing liquid for washing plates helps reduces the chances of food poisoning. Also, we recommend that hotels use the Multi-surface cleaner to clean the windows, furniture, walls, ceilings, and other broad surfaces.

Besides, Eco-friendly products help the hotel industry to save more money due to its inherent ability to give high value for less.

Lately, water pollution has been on the rise; you can play your little part by being environmentally friendly.

Wrapping Up

The best way to live is by factoring other people's health into our actions. This will make you treat your environment the right way. To achieve this, you can visit the BTR website to get the right cleaning products for your home, office, and business. With this, you can make the world a better place.