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10 Benefits of Online Shopping At BTR

10 Benefits of Online Shopping At BTR

Posted by Beyond The Rack on 2021 Jan 19th

Shopping at BTR makes it easy to get the best out of the ecommerce trade driven by the internet.

Thanks to the internet, shopping has become relatively easy in this age. With just the click of a button, you can finally order that cool dress you've seen on a colleague at a dinner party. You get to do a lot with less energy and time. But I bet you don't know what is better than online shopping? It is online shopping at the right place.

Online shopping could be a disaster if not done through the right channel—more reason why you have to know the right store to shop online. A bad shopping experience could stem from receiving below-the-standard seen online or not receiving your order at all. Either way, you are disappointed. But there is one sure way to avoid this – shopping at BTR.

Shopping online at BTR comes with many benefits that you might be missing out on if you are not currently shopping at the online shop. That's the reason we have put together 10 benefits you are missing out on if you are not yet a shopper on Beyond the Rack (BTR).

Beyond the Rack or BTR simply is an online shopping company that sells clothing, accessories, beauty products, home décor, to mention but a few. They are the top online mall that seeks to satisfy the needs of their teeming customers. Being one of the best options for your online shopping needs, I'll highlight 10 benefits you'll be getting if you are shopping at BTR. Shall we?

1. Huge Discounts

Getting a quality product at an affordable price is one of the smart spending habits anyone can have. Beyond the Rack offers various juicy discounts on their products. They are giving their customers the power to buy more while spending less.

Their discount rate is close to unbeatable by any other trustworthy online shopping store of the same reputation. Can you Imagine a Kenneth Cole RFID Chandler Trifold discount from $50.00 to $19.99? As a customer, you will be saving a total of $30.01 if you buy this product at BTR.

Apart from this vast discount placed on the online shop items, you also stand a chance to win coupons while shopping on the website. The coupons will give you a further discount on the products you wish to buy.

Therefore, if you want to give your money high purchase power, Beyond the Rack is the best place to shop online. As a reputable online company, they are sure to satisfy your utmost need even while giving you high-end products at an affordable price. You might want to see that for yourself!

2. Convenient Shopping

Shopping at Beyond the Rack online shop means you have opted to shop with convenience. For a start, their website is designed in such a way that customers can easily browse through it without stress. It is a simple interface with quick buttons that takes you straight to your needs on the website.

Also, customers can reach the company's representatives through a simple button that can be accessed at the right-hand corner bottom of any page on the website. The company usually notifies customers if the company's representatives are unavailable to respond to their requests. However, this usually happens during holidays and closing hours. Otherwise, customers can get instant responses to their queries while browsing the websites on working days.

Apart from the fact that the online shopping website has good usability features and an instant customer help desk, customers can also make multiple orders at a time. That helps relieve them of the stress of completing multiple transactions before they could satisfy their needs.

3. Heads Up On Trendy Products

At BTR, products are segmented into sale events – either from a single brand or a group of brands. Whenever this sale event is about to occur, emails are sent to all members to inform them about such sales events. Events on the websites usually last in about 48hours, allowing customers to pick the latest trend in the market.

Also, Beyond the Rack offers products from over 3,000 designer brands. With so much to choose from and a minimum number of 15 sales per day, customers of the online shopping store are bound to meet their website's needs.

That brings us to their amazing clothes store. If you want your wardrobe to follow the trend, you will want to check out the classy trends in the online shop's clothes section.

Therefore, if you need an extensive online store, whether as your clothes store, accessories store, beauty store, and so on, Beyond the Rack is where you will find your needs in one place. And yes, with constant heads up on new arrivals!

4. Currency

Even though the website only accepts Dollars, customers get to choose whether they will be transacting with Canadian Dollars or US dollars. This will essentially protect online shoppers' money from devaluation.

If there's anything you should have realized about Beyond the Rack at this moment, it is the fact that they care a lot about the financial safety of their customer. Not only will your money be secured, but you will also be able to spend it at the right value it possesses.

So if you'd rather shop where your financial safety is of paramount interest with appropriate actions, you should consider shopping at BTR online shop.

5. Reliable After-Sale Customer Service

You may be the only one out of a thousand customers who complain about products bought on the website. Well, you have nothing or very little to worry about because Beyond the Rack provides an after-sale customer service that will resolve your complaints.

Remember, I mentioned the chat button on their website that allows customers to chat directly with company representatives? Well, that works mostly to answer customer's questions during purchase. But in case customers need to resolve any issue after purchase, an active contact us page is available on the website to handle such complaints.

Apart from the 'contact us' page on the website, the company is also active and accessible on popular and established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are other means through which one can get across to them in case of any issue while shopping on the website.

Being accessible is one of the reasons why BTR should be considered for your online shopping needs. As you have many channels through which you can reach them and at the right time.

This is a thoughtful addition and could also lend credence to the usability of the online shopping mall. Knowing there is a channel through which you can communicate with the company even after purchase will reassure you to use the online shopping store.

So, for a good shopping experience online with reliable after-sale customer support, Beyond the Rack is the online shop of choice.

6. Time-Saving

Shopping online sometimes could become a very difficult task if the website is slow. This can be avoided by shopping at BTR as the online shop is fast and runs smoothly on any browser.

Apart from this swift feature, which at the same time also lends credence to the usability of the online shop, the products on the websites have been categorized according to type, brand, price, and so on to help the customer reach their needs on time.

Simultaneously, shoppers can save desired items to their wish list pending the time they will be able to afford the item. This saves shoppers the stress of searching for the said item again when they are finally ready to buy such an item—thereby saving time and shopping stress-free at the same time.

Also, there is a search button on the website where customers can easily search for their needs, further reducing the stress of searching manually. All these make it easy for the customer to use the online shop with relative ease and, at the same time, save time. So, where else would you choose to do your online shopping?

7. Versatile Payment Gateway

BTR supports and is endorsed by VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal. These are the topmost secured payment gateway there is anywhere. This will give customers' money safety against fraud or theft on the internet.

The online shopping mall not only gives the best quality at the cheapest rate; they are also concerned about their customers' financial safety.

Therefore, at BTR online shop, you get the best and the reassurance that your money is safe.

8. Freebies

I've informed you about the amazing discounts you can find on the website. That also includes the many coupon codes. But you probably don't expect to get freebies after all these surprising offers? Well, sorry to disappoint your doubts.

On the BTR online shopping store, you get to receive random freebies when you shop on the online store.

Freebies come in different forms like 'buy one get one free' offer randomly on the website. This means you can be at the clothes store, accessories area, or home décor and find any of these amazing freebies.

9. Free Shipping

BTR offers free shipping on orders above $99. This means you do not have to pay for shipping with products starting from $100.

10. Sezzle

In addition to the FREE shipping on orders above $99, BTR also allows its shoppers to purchase and pay later without any interest! BTR offers this feature through Sezzle, a publicly-traded fintech company that empowers shoppers to buy and payback within six weeks without interest.

Apart from a comfortable shopping experience, shoppers get to buy on credit and payback in six weeks without paying any extra charges or interest? Yes, you can get all these when you carry out your online shopping at Beyond the Rack.

Wrapping Up

Let’s face it; we are living in the internet era. Purchasing goods and services today is more feasible than it has ever been. However, as the internet is an open space, you need a secure channel to make monetary transactions. As already highlighted earlier, BTR offers you that complete and secure space to achieve your buying and selling goals via the internet. You don't have to worry about your money's safety anymore as the BTR’s website is cleverly designed to ensure that.

Not to forget the freebies you are bound to get as a customer on the online shop. These are offers you can't ignore when you also think of the fantastic discounts which can be as excellent as 80% off. Not to talk of the free delivery offer on every order above $99 and interest-free credit purchase, which sounds too good to be true but is true.

Don't forget that shopping online can also be quite stressful and disappointing if done on the wrong e-commerce platform. So, it would be best if you chose a place where everything has been made simple. From the website's simple design to the organization of products to save customers the stress of spending unnecessary time on the website.

All the essential factors to consider when you want to shop on the internet have been provided for by BTR. The company has also done more than basic to ensure customers have a pleasant experience shopping online.