UPDATED AS OF : Coronavirus situation update for our valued customers.
We are continuing to accept and fulfill orders in a safe and hygienic manner. Additional delays of 15 days may occur. Please contact our Customer Care team if you have questions regarding the status of your order.

We are all grappling with the unprecedented and rapidly changing challenges presented by COVID-19. Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted and affected. At Beyond The Rack, our resolute first priority continues to be the health and safety of our team members, customers, and vendors, as well as our broader community. Global health concerns have increased, many are navigating day-to-day changes in their work, their children’s school, and local communities. As we continue to assess and respond to the impacts of COVID-19, we have implemented precautionary measures to help keep our employees and communities safe, while doing our part to limit the transmission of the virus. We want to share a little bit about how we’re helping to support our Beyond The Rack community:

ALWAYS SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS: Our customers enjoy discovering items for their daily lives from fashionable clothing pieces and skin care products, to home crafts for kids, and new baking essentials – we remain committed to featuring new great finds, at unbeatable deals that are meaningful to your wallet and the life experiences you can create. Our teams are preparing packages for you, our customers, who are ordering items to support your “new normal” – laptops for virtual learning, thermometers, or even cookware and small kitchen appliances for increased in-home cooking.

CARING FOR OUR VALUED TEAM MEMBERS: Our team's health and wellbeing is of utmost importance and we've changed the way we work to support our valued team members.
We’re carefully following all appropriate safety procedures outlined by the World Health Organization. We’ve implemented work-from-home policies, social distancing practices, and preventative actions and measures to enhance cleaning and sanitization practices at all our locations, and we’re instituting use of temperature checks across our locations.
Beyond The Rack as a non-brick and mortar retailer and our warehouses may remain open as essential businesses. There are team members that remain onsite to fulfill the critical operations of our business. These teams are preparing packages for you, our customers, and these team members will receive additional compensation and flexibility to address the needs of their own families.

OUR COMMITMENT TO SMALL & MID-SIZED BUSINESSES: Many of our unique finds come from small mom & pop shops across the U.S. and Canada A vast majority of our vendors are small & mid-sized businesses, and these are challenging economic times for them during this time of social distancing. For many, we represent the majority of their business, and our ability to safely operate supports them. However, it’s possible, some orders may be delayed or canceled – and we ask for your patience.

We will take things day-by-day as we learn how to work in this new environment. If there are any changes to any of your orders, we’ll communicate in real-time. We will continue to operate with our collective health and safety in mind to provide the highest quality service to all of you, our customers, our vendor partners and our team members. As always, we appreciate and thank you for being a Beyond The Rack customer.

Please exercise caution and prioritize your health. Let’s look out for each other.


The Beyond The Rack Team