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David is a photographer and entrepreneur wired by fashion, art, and urban lifestyle.

It all started in 1988 when David arrived in Montreal. He fell in love with that beautiful city with its incredible eclectic artistic lifestyle, so he decided to make it his new home.

He got the opportunity to take the lead of an eyewear company, where he got in touch with the greatest names in eyewear fashion.

David has always been passionate about photography and with his eyewear company, he started mastering that skill by setting up and taking all the pictures for the various campaigns himself. His unique sense of observation and his incredible creativity made his pictures stand out in every environment.

As a self taught photographer, his curiosity and thirst for knowledge brought him around the world in search of the most transcendant places to capture.

Today, David Ifrah is sharing with us his unique perspective of the world through his lens, by merging his photography to different media, creating unique pieces of art.

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